We're sorry if you've suffered an accident or have a claim on your insurance policy. That's why you have insurance, to protect you when something bad happens. Don’t worry, we'll guide you on every step along the way.

Should you file this claim?  If there's a slight chance that someone may have suffered as a result of the accident, then you must file the claim. Otherwise, if you choose not to file it, you won't have the insurance policy to protect you from lawsuit. There are, however, situations where it might make sense to not file a claim, so please give us a call at (800)432-8431 or email your customer serice representative and we’ll discuss your options.
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Report a Claim

Philadelphia Insurance: (800) 765-9749

Progressive: (800) 274-4499

Oak River: (800) 661-6029

State Fund: (888) 222-3211